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The ASB6000 barrier is a single universal option for restricting access to closed areas of both domestic and industrial passages with a width of 3 m to 6 m. This is truly the optimal option for automating passages for those who want to buy a high-quality barrier at a competitive price.

Reliable internal components and optimal configuration of the ASB6000 barrier allow it to show excellent results under any operating conditions. It fully complies with the stated characteristics and has a number of competitive advantages that distinguish it from its competitors.

• Durability – The steel body provides rigidity and strength to the entire product and reliably protects internal mechanical elements from adverse external influences

• Reliability – the use of metal gear elements and uniform load distribution ensures an increased service life of the ASB barrier

• Precise positioning of the boom end positions of the ASB600 barrier thanks to the proximity switch system.

The ASB6000 barrier is equipped with a heating element, which allows it to be operated in extremely low temperatures (down to -60 degrees), which is ideal for northern regions

The forced-cooled motor significantly increases the intensity of use of the ASB6000 barrier (up to 70%).

Possibility to record 256 remote controls into the memory of the built-in radio receiver of one barrier.

Fast opening and closing time of the barrier - 6 seconds.

Possibility of installing the barrier in places with increased wind load thanks to the alternative configuration of the ASB6000 barrier with a round boom (instead of a rectangular one).

The wide applicability of the barrier is also due to the high intensity of use (70%) and the powerful gear motor.

• ASB6000 with 4.3 meter rectangular boom kit
• ASB6000 with 5.3 meter rectangular boom kit
• ASB6000 with 6.3 meter rectangular boom kit
• ASB6000 with 6.3 meter round boom kit

High-quality manufacturing materials and a high level of professionalism of designers allow the AN-Motors barrier to meet all declared technical characteristics throughout its entire service life.

Torque 200 N•m
Usage intensity 70%
Maximum opening/closing time (90°) 6 sec
Degree of protection of the barrier shell IP44
Power supply 230 V (±10%) / 50 Hz
Electric motor 230V 1~
Effective length of the staff 3…6 m
Power consumption 200 W
Power supply for additional devices (accessories) 12 V DC / 100 mA
Operating temperature range −20…+50° C
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 360×380×1080 mm
Weight 80 kg

The control unit is another undeniable advantage of this automatic barrier model.

Thanks to the design of the barrier control unit in a separate plastic case, the user has the opportunity to move the unit to a separate room, for example, to a security point

A list of additional functions that allow you to individually configure the operation of the barrier (auto-closing, setting the lamp operating mode.

The control unit allows you to connect all the most popular accessories. Also, the standard board allows you to organize one-way traffic light control.

Depending on the size of the checkpoint, ALUTECH barriers can be opened/closed in one of four ways:
• Buttons on the control unit. The devices are often mounted at checkpoints: as soon as the driver approaches the barrier, the guard sees him and opens the passage;
• Remote controls;
• Radio code keyboard. To enter the fenced area, the driver will have to dial a secret code;
• An induction loop is a wire that installers lay in the roadway in front of the barrier. As soon as a person passes through this area

Scope of delivery:
• Barrier cabinet
• Built-in control unit with radio receiver
• Remote control – 2 pcs.
• Installation and operation manual in Russian
• Installation kit according to the installation and operating instructions