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Alutech components for sliding gates SGN
We offer a budget solution for making sliding gates with your own hands. The sliding gate assembly kit is suitable for any site or industrial facility.

Bus SG.01:
• Suitable for gates weighing up to 450 kg
• Material: galvanized and non-galvanized
• Width – 70 mm
• Thickness - 3.5 mm
• Length - from 5.3 m to 9 m

Bus SG.02:
• Suitable for gates weighing up to 700 kg
• Material: galvanized and non-galvanized
• Width – 94 mm
• Thickness – 5 mm
• Length - from 6 m to 9 m

Roller support:
• Designed to move the gate leaf

• Used to protect the tire end from foreign objects, dirt and moisture

Support roller:
• Designed to reduce the load on the tire when the gate is closed and to prevent the tire from coming off the roller supports

Upper and lower catchers:
• Takes the load from the support roller and holds the top edge of the gate in the closed position

Top bracket with support roller:
• Used to hold the gate leaf in the intended position

• Designed to prevent the gate leaf from moving off the roller supports

Sliding gates equipped with these components are reliable and durable, allowing for a high level of comfort and ease of use throughout the entire service life of the gate:

• When developing tires, special attention was paid to rigidity and bending resistance. These technical characteristics allow you to maintain the trajectory of movement along the entire length of the gate;
• The tire is made of galvanized steel, which eliminates corrosion and significantly increases the service life of sliding gates;
• Sliding gates are moved using supports with steel rollers. The base of the supports has a high-strength zinc coating. The bearings use lubricant that is resistant to low temperatures down to – 50 °C;
• The presence of stands for roller supports allows you to mount sliding gates taking into account any installation conditions, and also increases the service life of the supports, preventing them from coming into contact with an aggressive environment (water, snow, dirt);
• The ease and simplicity of installation of components allows you to quickly install and put into operation the sliding gate system.

SGN series - for those who want to save money and like to do everything with their own hands

If you need to independently install simple and economical sliding gates filled with welded mesh, profiled metal sheets or boards, then SGN components are the ideal solution.

For the dacha:
Thanks to the optimal set of components, you can assemble the gate yourself at your dacha

For any area:
Economical and universally applicable solution

For industrial facilities:
With wide entrance openings and high traffic intensity

Control options:
• Automatic control
• Comfortable operation
• Minimum 15 years of drive operation
• For comfortable control of sliding gates based on the SGN kit, you can buy automation with the number of remote controls required by the customer.