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The barrier BV6000 is an advantageous blocking of passages with a width of 3 to 6 m with high traffic intensity. Work intensity 90%. Built-in LED backlight operating in traffic light mode.

Features and Benefits:
• Built-in memory – 250 remote controls;
• Blocking of passages up to 12 meters;
• Affordable price;
• Bright red eye-catching color;
• Powerful and reliable barrier housing.

BV-6000Automation of travel up to 6m.
Usage intensity 90%.

Scope of delivery:
• Barrier cabinet
• Built-in control unit with radio receiver
• Built-in lamp.
• Installation and operation manual in Russian
• Installation kit according to the installation and operating instructions
*Additional accessories for the barrier (rail, damper, etc.) are selected based on the required width of the blocked passage

Technical characteristics of BV-6000:
Power supply 230 V~1
Work intensity, % 90
Torque Nm 270
Shell protection degree IP44
Operating temperature range − 30 ºС … + 65 ºС