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The Alutech company has improved the design of entrance gates and created a new generation product - sliding automatic gates of the Prestige series, which will take their rightful place both in the country and at industrial facilities.

Alutech entrance gates combine traditionally high quality, modern technology, durability and aesthetic design. The improved version of sliding gates attracts with its affordable price, service life of at least 15 years, and the ability to install more than 20 options for filling the door leaf with various materials.

Minimum 25,000 opening-closing cycles

• More than 20 options for filling the canvas • Polymer coating of main elements • The universal aluminum bus profile, combined with the frame profile, ensures high rigidity, strength and reliability of the sliding gate design • Minimum operating life 25,000 opening and closing cycles • Hidden fasteners guarantee a high degree of protection • Quiet operation due to glass-filled polyamide support rollers and nylon rack • Repairable design for repairing damage or replacing filling

Technical characteristics of sliding gates Prestige

Sliding gates are a self-supporting structure in which an aluminum gate frame with filling moves along roller supports installed on the foundation outside the gate passage area (behind the opening).

• Opening pillar
• Fence
• Canvas
• Upper catcher
• Bottom catcher
• Mounting bracket
• Support frame
• Supporting post with rollers
• Additional post with rollers
• Brace
• Engine
• Deadbolt

Proper installation of sliding gates allows you to easily open and close the gate manually. For locking, a deadbolt is used, which is included in the basic package.

ALUTECH Prestige series accessory system

It is used for the manufacture of sliding, swing gates and wickets, as well as fence sections, and is intended for installation in private and industrial facilities.

• Gate/wicket frame – consists of durable aluminum extruded busbar profiles and/or polymer coated frame.
• Corner connecting elements – push-button tightening corners and aluminum cleats.
• Filling gates/wickets. The filling can be: sandwich panel, roller-rolled profile or extruded aluminum profiles in various combinations.
• Accessories for moving sliding gates – roller supports, top brackets and rollers, catchers.
• Accessories – hinges, handles, linings, locking system.
• Packaging.
• Variety of design solutions for Prestige

Variety of design solutions for Prestige gates

The high technology of the system and the use of profiles of various widths and colors for the manufacture of gates make it possible to implement various color schemes in the finished structure - from classic white and brown to original ones, which allows us to offer the customer a gate with a unique style.

The unique configuration of Prestige series profiles allows us to offer the end user more than 20 options for design solutions for gates and wickets, varying in design and cost.

The surface-mounted and built-in type of infill installation assumes both horizontal and vertical installation.

Types of filling for gates and wickets Prestige

Wide range of Prestige door filling options

Sandwich panel
Thanks to various patterns (microwave, horizontal corrugation, panel) and panel colors, the entrance gates are ideally combined with any finishing material.

Gates made of sandwich panels imitating wood texture (golden oak, dark oak, cherry) have all the advantages of steel gates and add elements of prestige and individuality to the cottage.

High strength and resistance to wind and shock loads

ALUTECH sandwich panel is one of the most durable panels in Europe. Its thickness is 45 mm, which determines the resistance of entrance gates and gates to wind and shock loads.

The increased density of the polyurethane foam filler (46-47 kg/m3) ensures the rigidity of the door leaf and high resistance to deformation.

Each sandwich panel is equipped with a polymer EPDM seal that maintains high mechanical strength and elasticity at low temperatures. The seal eliminates the appearance of gaps between the panels.

• S-corrugation
• M-Corrugation
• L-corrugation
• Microwave
• Panel

Roller shutter profiles:
Roller rolling profile AG77

Uniform foam filling without pores or cavities guarantees high load resistance and minimizes profile deformation. It is possible to install the AG/77H profile with hard foam filling, which provides even greater resistance to wind and impact loads of the door leaf/wicket.

The paint and varnish coating of the profiles is resistant to: abrasion and scratches; cracking and peeling; UV radiation – the color of the coating is preserved under intense solar radiation; corrosion, which is especially important for coastal areas and urban environments.

A wide range of profile colors provides a variety of options for combining the gate with the building facade. Depending on the color, the entrance gate can blend into the facade or, conversely, serve as a bright element, creating original individual solutions.

Aluminum profiles:
Aluminum extruded profiles in various widths: 37, 82 and 87 mm

At the customer's request, it is possible to produce a door leaf or wicket with continuous, sparse or combined filling with aluminum profiles. The filling can be installed horizontally or vertically.

High-quality aluminum alloys

For the production of aluminum profiles for Prestige swing gates, only primary aluminum is used. The high quality of aluminum alloys for the production of extruded profiles "ALUTECH" is confirmed by the conclusion of the accredited testing center of the state scientific institution "Institute of Powder Metallurgy" (certificate NoBY/112/02/1/0/0263), where the alloys were examined. The use of aluminum alloys in the production of the main structural elements of sliding, swing gates and wickets, as well as filling, eliminates corrosion and ensures a long service life of the products.

Alternative materials:
The design of sliding gates provides for the possibility of manufacturing the door leaf from economical materials at the request of the customer.
You can install a profiled sheet, wooden board or any other sheet material into the aluminum gate/wicket frame.