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Industrial doors Alutech ProTrend

• At an affordable price
• For regions with temperate climates
• For unheated premises

Safe and practical gates made of 40 mm thick sandwich panels and galvanized steel fittings. ProTrend is a gate at attractive prices, designed specifically for intensive use in industrial facilities. The gates guarantee safe operation: security systems are included as standard at no extra cost. 25,000-cycle springs and rugged construction are built to last.

Technical characteristics of Alutech ProTrend gates

Main characteristics of ProTrend gates:
• The thickness of the sandwich panel is 40 mm, comparable to a brick wall with a thickness of 57 cm
• Heat transfer resistance coefficient - 1.00 m2 °C/W*
• Roller brackets and intermediate hinges made of galvanized steel
• Compliance with European safety standards
• Spring life - 25,000 “lifting-lowering” cycles
• Maximum garage door size—7000×6000mm

• Sandwich panel thickness - 40 mm
• Accessories (intermediate hinges and roller brackets) - Galvanized steel
• Gate dimensions (max) – Width 7000 mm, height 6000 mm
• Jumper height (min) - 230 mm (low installation)
• Installation types - 10 types
• Basic spring life - standard set 25,000 cycles / on request 50,000, 75,000, 100,000 “lifting-lowering” cycles

Assortment of sandwich panels ProTrend

• Closed contour of steel sheets. The steel sheets on the inside and outside were firmly connected to each other from the bottom and top (4 layers of metal at the fastening points). The solution protects the panels from delamination when heated in the sun (relevant for dark door leaves and southern regions of installation).
• Finger trap protection. The Alutech panel implemented one of the main European safety standards: pinching of fingers was eliminated (compliance with EN 12604).
• Excellent adhesion of steel sheets to foam. Good adhesion of steel sheets to foam was achieved through a layer of adhesive varnish (12 microns). Thus, the designers completely eliminated the swelling of the canvas heated in the sun.
• High anti-corrosion properties. Primer and zinc layers of 5-7 microns and 12 microns provide the sandwich panel with increased anti-corrosion properties.
• Durable coating. Polyurethane coating PUR-PA (polyamide particles) is applied to the front side of the panel. It protects against scratches and increases the overall corrosion resistance of the gate.
• Optimal thermal insulation. Optimal thermal insulation. The heat transfer resistance coefficient of the door is 0.87 m² °C/W*.

Additional accessories

ProTrend has developed several practical options for industrial gates:
Wicket in the door leaf
This type of gate is ordered if an additional entrance to the room is needed. Its use allows you not only to enter the premises without opening the gate, but also to save their resource. This option allows you to use the gate structure with maximum comfort.

The Alutech assortment includes 3 types of gates:

With a standard threshold of 145 mm (for gates with widths from 4.5 to 6 m):
• Linear closer;
• Built-in wicket position sensor;
• Rain canopy;
• Reliable metal handles;
• Special catcher that prevents the sash from sagging.

With a flat threshold of 20 mm (for gates with widths up to 5 m):
• Linear closer;
• Built-in wicket position sensor;
• Rain canopy;
• Reliable metal handles;
• Special catcher that prevents the sash from sagging.

Built-in windows:
The use of windows in gates allows you to save on lighting production workshops. Alutech's product range includes various types of glazing for industrial doors.

For rooms without an additional entrance, a deadbolt lock is offered. It allows you to open and close the gate both from the inside and from the outside.

Side door:
The side door and sectional gates are made in the same style and fit harmoniously into the facade of the building, complementing each other perfectly. The gate is made of panels with the same pattern and color as sectional doors.

Panoramic glazing:
One or more panoramic panels - and the new look of your gate is ready. Compared to built-in windows, you will get even more

Protection against vandals:
With an anti-jacking device, the gate is protected from burglary. The device will block the canvas if it is lifted unauthorized.