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Panoramic AluTherm

High thermal insulation properties

Translucent insert with double or triple glazing

Safe and practical gates made of panoramic panels made of aluminum sections made of profiles with a thermal break - 40% warmer than gates made of profiles without a thermal break. Intermediate hinges and roller brackets made of stainless steel are highly resistant to corrosion, which allows the gate to be used in conditions of high humidity - in car washes, in coastal and industrial areas. 25,000-cycle springs and rugged construction are built to last.

AluTherm - high quality and functionality

Technical characteristics of Alutech AluTherm
• Panel thickness - 45 mm
• Components (intermediate hinges and roller brackets) - Stainless steel
• Gate dimensions (max) – Width 7000 mm, height 6000 mm

Filling options:
• Triple glazing 25 mm, double glazing 26 mm
• Composite aluminum panel 26 mm

Types of canvas:
• LSA – fully panoramic
• ALPS - bottom panel - sandwich panel 45 mm, all others - panoramic
• Software - one or more panels are panoramic, the rest are sandwich panels

• Jumper height (min) - 230 mm (for gates without electric drive)
• Installation types - 10 types
• Basic spring life - standard set 25,000 cycles / on request 50,000, 75,000, 100,000 “lifting-lowering” cycles

Options and range of AluTherm doors

ALP - A variant of the canvas made of panoramic panels

ALPS - A variant of the canvas with a lower part in the form of a sandwich panel (thickness 40 mm and a choice of “S-corrugated” or “Microwave” pattern) and panoramic panels

Door leaf made of ProPlus sandwich panels with one or more panoramic panels

Double glazing 26 mm Uses impact-resistant SAN plastic with maximum transparency.

Triple glazing 25 mm They use acrylic that is as transparent and impact resistant as possible.

Composite aluminum panel 26 mm The panel is made from two aluminum sheets with stucco embossing and filled with polystyrene.

Panoramic gates with continuous glazing
Continuous glazing was developed for rooms where it is important to provide access to natural light. Advantageous display of products is an important advantage of such gates when installed in car dealerships and shops. Gates up to 3000 mm wide are produced without an impost

Gates up to 5000 mm wide can be produced with one impost

9 standard colors from the RAL catalog at a standard price (no additional surcharge)

Additional accessories
AluTherm has developed several practical options for panoramic gates:
• Castle
For rooms without an additional entrance, a deadbolt lock is offered. It allows you to open and close the gate both from the inside and from the outside.
For panoramic gates type ALPS and PO.

• For particularly wet rooms
For car washes and other rooms with high humidity, ALUTECH designers have provided a special set of parts. The cables, hardware and roller axles in it were made of stainless steel, and the guide system was covered with a protective paint coating.

• Anti-scratch coating
To protect the glazing from possible damage (scratches) during operation of the gate, SAN plastic with a special anti-abrasive coating is used. This coating maintains the transparency of the glazing for a long time, even after repeated cleaning. Available for 26mm double glazing.

• Hacking protection
With an anti-jacking device, the gate is reliably protected from intruders. In case of unauthorized lifting, the option will block the canvas.