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Leveler dock levellers

Leveling platforms - Dock leveler

• Maximum efficiency when carrying out cargo transhipment work
• Automate the unloading and loading of cargo and save your money and time!

Leveler with rotating lip ALUTECH SL

A leveling platform with a rotating ramp is an effective and high-quality solution for optimizing the work of unloading and loading vehicles.

This hydraulic platform is quite convenient and easy to use. Upon completion of the docking of the truck with the terminal for transshipment, the operator activates the platform - it rises, then the ramp rotates and then lowers it onto the body of the cargo vehicle. The platform in this position smoothly follows the down and up movements of the vehicle as the loader passes.

• Permissible dynamic load 60 kN (6000 kg)
• 2 lifting hydraulic cylinders
• Outer diameter of main cylinders and ramp cylinder – 50 mm
• Hydraulics from a European manufacturer
• Ramp length – 400 mm
• Platform steel thickness – 6/8 mm
• Ramp steel thickness – 12/14 mm
• 4 models: S, W, C, B
• Control unit CUL01 included
• Protection class of the control unit - IP 54
• Length of hydraulic power cables – 7 m
• Supply voltage 230V or 400V

Advantages of ALUTECH SL

• HIGH SAFETY. Two lift cylinders as standard provide protection against tilting in the event of unauthorized truck departure.
• RELIABLE HYDRAULICS. All hydraulic system components are supplied by European manufacturers.
• STRENGTH AND RELIABILITY. Steel sheet 6/8 mm thick 60 kN (6 tons).
• COMPLIANCE. The platform meets all the requirements of European Union directives and technical regulations of the Customs Union.
• 100% QUALITY CONTROL. Each platform undergoes pre-shipment testing at a special stand, where the proper functioning of all systems is checked.
• SHORT DELIVERY TIME. Our own production ensures a minimum production time of only 4 weeks.
• EXTENDED WARRANTY. We are confident in the quality of the new product and provide an extended warranty - 10 years against through corrosion.
• COMPETITIVE PRICE. The platform is significantly cheaper than analogues from European manufacturers, and the price difference with Russian manufacturers is minimal.
• PROMPT SERVICE. Own production guarantees fast delivery of repair components and operation without downtime.
ALUTECH platform security systems:
• Complete emergency hydraulic blocking system;
• Blocking of cylinders when the truck leaves prematurely;
• Special rod to relieve the load from the front support beam when the truck leaves during loading;
• Protective side sheets to protect against leg entrapment;
• Safety markings - black and yellow stripes;
• Supporting support for service work.

Additional options:
• Bevels on the sides of the ramp allow it to accommodate trucks with different body widths.
• The segmented ramp consists of a main section and two side segments. When hitting an obstacle, the segments fold, allowing narrow vehicles to be serviced.
• Painting the platform in a special color according to the RAL catalog will allow it to maintain the customer’s corporate style.
• Low-temperature oil with operating temperature down to -40°C makes operation in harsh climatic conditions possible.

ALUTECH platform models

The optimal platform model is selected depending on the stage of construction work and the characteristics of the facility. The table below will help you decide on the platform model. If you have any additional questions, please contact our regional offices for detailed advice.

Model S is the most popular and in demand due to the ease of pit preparation and speed of installation. The customer must first prepare the pit in accordance with the drawing. The platform is secured in the rear by welding the corner of the pit and the corner of the platform, in the front by welding brackets (included with the platform) and plates concreted on the sides of the pit. The bolt connection secures the front support beam to the brackets.

Advantages of installation type S:
• Simplicity and efficiency
• Installation after completion of all construction work
• Recess for tail lift

Model W will provide simple and convenient installation after completion of construction. The platform frame has corners that fit on the contour of the pit. Along the contour of the pit, the customer pre-concretes the corners, recessed by 10 mm. The platform frame is welded to the corners of the pit and is positioned flush with the final floor.

Advantages of installation type W:
• Simplicity and efficiency
• Installation after completion of all construction work
• Recess for tail lift

Model C requires preliminary preparation of a pit in the foundation of the building. Steel rods are concreted along the perimeter of the pit. The platform frame has special anchors, which are welded to the rods in the foundation, after which final concreting is carried out. Concreting height – up to 100 mm.

Advantages of installation type C:
• Possibility of adjusting the platform according to level
• Possibility of installation before pouring the final floor
• Recess for tail lift

Model B is used at the initial stage of construction work. The platform frame is welded to the reinforcement in the foundation, after which the space around the platform is concreted. The closed box prevents concrete from getting under the platform.

Advantages of installation type B:
• Does not require preliminary preparation of the pit
• Installation at the initial stage of construction work
• Recess for tail lift

Leveling platforms

Levelers, otherwise known as dock levelers, are one of the main elements of a transshipment terminal. Functionally, this transfer equipment is designed to equalize the height between the vehicle body and the ramp used to transfer the load. Thanks to such equipment, you can safely transfer various goods between the truck and the warehouse.

In addition, with the use of such platforms, it is possible to provide access for warehouse equipment to the truck, which significantly speeds up the reloading process and also frees you from manual labor.

Technical characteristics of the leveling platform

Among the standard technical parameters are:
• Load capacity up to 6 tons.
• The thickness of the main platform is 6-8mm.
• Ramp material thickness 12/14mm.

Installation and commissioning of dock levelers is quite simple. Dockwellers are installed in a small pit - a depression in the concrete floor, which must be prepared in advance.

Types of leveling platforms

All leveling platforms can be divided into 2 main types:
• With telescopic ramp.
• With rotating ramp.

Advantages of leveling platforms

• When purchasing a warehouse leveler, owners receive the following benefits:
Design safety. Modern platforms are manufactured taking into account all European and Russian technical standards, and special markings are applied to the structure.
• Reliability. All leveling platforms include hydraulic lifting cylinders, which provides a high degree of protection against distortion or malfunction during operation.
• Easy to select and install. During the installation process, it is required that the length of the ramp matches that of the pit into which the platform will be mounted.