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Rolling gates Alutech Trend

• Competitive price
• Weather protection
• Convenience and comfort

Characteristics of roller gates Trend
Trend roller gates are designed for installation on small openings using the basic configuration. They allow you to maintain a single style and color in the house together with window and door roller shutters.

PD/77 - profile with soft foam filling.

Protective boxes
For Prestige roller gates, 45-degree rollforming frames are available in various standard sizes - from 250 to 405 mm.

Additional options

Automatic control provides the most convenient maintenance of roller grilles: just press a button on the remote control or use a switch, and the grille will quickly open or close. For increased comfort, it is also necessary to ensure the reliability and safety of daily use of the grille.

• MANUAL DRIVE FOR EMERGENCY LIFT Allows you to urgently open the roller shutter/roller grille when the electric drive is disconnected or broken.
• EMERGENCY OPENING LOCKING SYSTEM S-NHKProtects against unauthorized use of emergency manual lifting of the door leaf.
• SENSITIVE EDGE SECURITY SYSTEM Ensures that the movement of the roller shutter/grid sheet stops in case of contact with an obstacle.
• INERTIA BRAKE Protects against blade breakage in case of failure of the electric drive.
• MOVABLE CARRIAGES Increase the service life of the gratings due to smooth movement along the guide rails and reduce the load on the suspension elements.
• “TWIN-SAFE” PHOTOCELLS Allow you to detect obstacles in the path of the screen’s movement and protect against foreign objects being drawn into the box.


Automatic control

Electric drives with built-in radio control, with an obstacle recognition system, a manual emergency lifting system for controlling the gate during a power outage;

Control elements - from simple wall switches to intelligent control systems: programmable timers, light and heat sensors, wind and rain.

Manual control

A wide range of drives and accessories for controlling roller gates allows you to choose the optimal control option: both a classic manual drive and a more comfortable and modern solution - multifunctional electric drives with intelligent control systems.

Color solutions for roller gates Trend

The color range of profiles and components for Alutech Trend roller shutter systems includes 5 colors for roller-rolled profiles.

The color range of the roller shutter system frames is also presented in a wide range of colors:
• Protective boxes 20° and 45° – 14 colors; • Protective round / semicircular boxes and side covers; guide rails and end profiles – 19 colors with a glossy surface and 6 colors with a shagreen surface.
You can choose different combinations of the color of the canvas and the frame of the roller shutter. For example, the canvas matches the color of the building facade, and the frame matches the color of the roof, or vice versa.