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Door seals Dockshelter

Door seals Dockshelter

Using a sealer is a great way to not only reduce energy consumption, but also save on heating costs. Sealers protect cargo from unfavorable conditions, drafts, temperature changes and greatly facilitate the work of personnel.

Alutech DSF is a curtain type shelter with a folding aluminum frame. It has a standard size designed for Euro trucks. Specially designed front profiles and a ten-degree angle of inclination of the upper ceiling allow water to be drained along the sides of the seal. If parked incorrectly, movable arms make it possible to fold the frame. AlutechDSF is the best choice for transfer station. The sealer avoids heat loss, protects cargo from bad weather and reduces heating costs.

• Dimensions: 3400*3400*600 mm
• Maximum size – 4500x4500 mm
• Height of the upper awning – 1000 mm
• Width of side awnings – 600 mm
• Tensile strength – 180N/mm
• Thickness of front PVC awnings – 3 mm
• Operating temperature range – from -40С to +90С
• Density of floor elements – 630g/m2
• Thickness of floor elements – 0.5 mm
• Color of awnings – RAL9005
• Strip color – RAL9003

Advantages of Alutech DSF
The anodized aluminum frame of the shelter prevents corrosion for many years.

Hidden fastenings in the awnings (using self-tapping screws inside the profiles) protect the body from damage due to parking errors, and also reduce the likelihood of corrosion.

Parking stripes on the sides of the awning make parking easier.

Even if parked incorrectly, thanks to the movable levers, the frame easily folds, which protects the structure from damage. The design of the seal is well thought out and consists of three independent elements. Damaged elements are easy to replace, which means repair costs are lower.

The design of the upper ceiling (at an angle of 10°C) prevents water from entering the body; special protrusions of the profiles also prevent its entry and provide drainage on the sides of the seal, resulting in maximum safety of the cargo.

The sealer is easy to install. Front and front profiles are supplied assembled, which reduces installation time and labor costs.

The awnings are wear-resistant and durable due to the fact that they are made of reinforced PVC with a density of 3500 g/m2.

Additional options:
• Side awning width – 700 mm. Most often used for small vehicles.
• The upper awning has 3 segments, thereby ensuring optimal connection of the awning to the body.
• Specially printed numbers on the top awning of the shelter indicate reloading stations and help the driver to orient himself. Height of numbers – 400 mm, color RAL9003 (white).
• The maximum dimensions (4500x4500 mm in width and height) of the seal allow servicing vehicles of non-standard dimensions.