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Wheel guides

Wheel guides

They help the driver to park correctly without making mistakes and without damaging the loading equipment.

Wheel guides simplify the driver's tasks when parking, helping to avoid making mistakes. They are sold at a standard price in galvanized or yellow (RAL 1021). Shot blasting before painting ensures that the guides are protected from corrosion.

• Length 1500 mm
• Retraction angle 45º
• Wall thickness 4 mm, Ø 159 mm
• Standard paint color RAL1021 (signal yellow)

Design features of guides

Wheel guides, also called wheel guards, are special devices that provide an auxiliary function when entering the site.

Products can be used for the following tasks:
• Reliable fixation of the car during parking.
• Protection of various building structures (columns, walls), as well as green spaces and installed equipment from a possible collision with a vehicle in case of errors during the maneuver.
• Preventing collisions between vehicles.
• Protection of car body elements from various impacts and scratches.
• Separation of pedestrian areas from roads.

Most often they are installed on sites in front of warehouses at points of loading and unloading of goods, as well as open and covered car parking areas. When such limiters are installed correctly, the safety of both cargo, personnel and passers-by is significantly increased.

Operating principle of guides

The bumpers are attached to the road surfaces using anchor bolts. In the future, the limiters prevent the wheel from moving in the wrong direction, since the wheel rests against the bump stop and is then fixed in the desired position. The peculiarity of metal bumpers is their low friction force, due to which the wheels slide and are not damaged upon contact.